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Set up long-term plan for a church

  1. From your main menu click on Church List.
  2. Next to the appropriate church click the popup menu icon and select Set up long-term campaign plan.
  3. This page contains 2 colums with months for the current year and the following 5 years. The first year you might want to have a bit different schedule due to already having begun the year. Otherwise there is no difference between the two columns.
  4. Depending on the time of the year the system will set either current or next year as the beginning year. If you want to change this you can do so using the link just above the 2 columns.
  5. If some campaign dates are already set up they will be shown to the left of the 2 columns, and in this case make sure you don't create the same dates twice.
  6. Go through both columns, one at a time, and determine which months you would like to have campaigns. Click on the down-arrow next to those months and select the weekend number you want to start the campaign that month.
    • When you click on the down-arrows in the second column you will not see any specific dates, only the weekend number. This is because the system will use the weekend number to calculate dates for 5 years, and those dates will of course vary.
  7. Below the 2 columns is listed the audience graphics language and Life of Jesus video language that will be used at the meetings. If these are not already specified in the system you are required to specify them now.
  8. Double-check your information and click on the Set up all these dates for this church button in the bottom of the page.
  9. You will get a message asking if everything is 100% correct since correcting mistakes will be a lot of work for you. Triple check and click OK, or click Cancel to change something.
  10. You will get a message with the result of the process. If the process was completed successfully you will now see all the actual campaign dates when you are back at the list of dates.