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Download and install ShareHim Satellite software

What is it?

The ShareHim Satellite software is a desktop application that does not require an Internet connection to work. It can be installed on a computer (PC or Mac or any system that supports Adobe AIR solutions) and be used to register people who complete the training program at boot camps where there is no Internet access. Afterwards the computer can be taken to a location where it can be connected to the Internet again and all the applications can be easily transferred to the ShareHim website. Note that if you have Internet access at the location where people will fill out the application form it is always preferrable to do it directly online instead of using this software - it will save some time and work.

What does it require?

Two things are required to run this software: the "Adobe AIR Runtime" and the software itself. Using the install badge above will take care of both things. It will automatically install the Adobe AIR Runtime if it is not already installed. You must have administrator priveleges on your computer when installing AIR. The software does not have any further requirements besides the Adobe AIR Runtime. It runs on both PC and Mac.

  1. Click on Satellite (offline application) on your main menu. For pastors you need to click the More link to see the appropriate section.
  2. Click on INSTALL NOW on the installation badge with the "ShareHim Satellite" logo. (It is required to have the Adobe Flash plug-in installed in your browser for you to see this badge)
  3. If Adobe AIR Runtime is not already installed on your computer it will be installed now. Afterwards the application itself will be installed. Please follow the instructions given in the installation process. If you are asked to Open or Save the file, make sure you click Open.
  4. Once the installation is complete it will start the program.
  5. Now you need to update the list of churches within the software. It is easily done with two click as describe in these instructions.