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Request changes to information about a church myself

Editing a church

Anybody is able to request information to be corrected for a church. This is done through On our website we have made a special shortcut for you to easily request such a change:

  1. Click on the Church List on your main menu.
  2. Click the popup menu icon next to the church and select Request change to church info.
  3. You are now on the website. For churches in North America the process from this point is different and not described here, since you as a conference organizer can change the information directly and with immediate effect within You are still able to make a similar request following the on-screen directions though.
  4. For churches outside North America you will now see a page with all the current information about the church. Make any needed changes.
  5. When done, enter your details in the bottom section "Submission details" and click submit.
  6. The request is now being sent to AdventistDirectory and should be approved within a day or two.

In the future we hope to make it possible to change church information directly through the ShareHim website.

Adding a church

For North America, log in to eAdventist to add a church.

For all other divisions, this information is managed by But on the ShareHim website you can easily add churches:

  1. Click on the Church List on your main menu.
  2. In the top of the page click Add new church.
  3. Complete the form by filling out as many fields as possible, then click Save.
  4. If automatic synchronization of pastor information has been set up for your conference/union it is required that you fill in the ID from that database for the given church. We need that in order to know which churches each pastor have.

The information is now submitted to where it needs to be approved. You will return to your church list page where you will see the church is now pending approval. Once AdventistDirectory approves it, it will move down to the normal list of churches. At that point you will be able to set up pastors for the church, as well as adding campaign dates etc. Normally the approval takes 1-2 days, in rare situations a few more.

Removing a church

On the Church List page click the popup menu icon and select Request removal of church.